rocket fettuccine

2 lemons
olive oil
parmesan block
anchovies. handful.
chillies. 3

boil water for pasta. once it starts to bubble put all pasta in. depending on how many people you want to feed. 1 bag pasta usually feeds 2 hungry people.
+salt & olive oil to water.

in a frying pan + chopped garlic. ( 5 cloves)
chopped chilli
lemon zest (from the two lemons)
chopped or whole anchovies. (as many as you want. i put 1 handful.)
then juice the two lemons. + to the fry pan.
+ more olive oil if needed.
(all this is to be done when the pot for pasta is first put on the stove)

+ rocket. 2 handfuls to the fry pan

once pasta is cooked. drain
then mix all ingrediants in a large bowl together.
+ more olive oil
+grated parmesan cheese. ( a good helping)
+ fresh rocket
ready to serve straight away.

-try with squid ink fettuccine

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